Easy Traeger Baked Potatoes


These Traeger Smoked Baked Potatoes are coated in butter and salt, then smoked until they're perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They're super hands-off and easy, and a perfect vessel for all of your favorite loaded potato toppings.


Russet Potatoes Butter Salt

Step 1

Preheat your Traeger or pellet grill to 425°F.

Step 2

Clean potatoes then poke each side of the potatoes several times with a fork.

Step 3

Place your potatoes directly on the grill grates of your Traeger or pellet grill. Use a basting brush to brush on half of the butter.

Step 4

flip your potatoes and top with the remainder of the butter and salt.

Step 5

Remove your potatoes from the grill and top with your favorite toppings or serve with butter, salt, and pepper. enjoy!

Q: Can I make these baked potatoes in the oven?

A: Bake at 425°F for 40 minutes on a baking sheet and follow the same instructions

Q: How do I store the leftovers?

A: Store the leftover baked potatoes in a baggie or air-tight container for 3-4 days. To reheat, place in the oven at 425°F until warm or air fry at 400°F for 3-5 minutes, or until warm.

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